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About Overseas Shipping

Please tell us what items you want.

Check the shipping cost according to the shipping address.

As soon as we know the shipping cost, we will inform you of the total cost and the amount of work.

You can choose to pay by credit card or PayPal.

★Please set it so that you can receive emails from so that you do not receive a return email here
You may not receive your Yahoo email. Please be careful.

Kikirara Shoten Order Form

Please include the item number and URL you want

About your reply
How to pay

We will send you the payment URL after confirming the shipping fee.

Thank you for your orderPlease wait for your reply

Please be careful

★It is not possible to return or exchange because it is a one-off work.

★We will send it to any country as much as possible, but we may not be able to send it due to circumstances.

★Shipping costs vary from country to country, depending on weight and size.

★We will pack it strictly, but we do not know the situation at the time of delivery.

★There are cases where fuel surcharges and customs duties are charged.

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